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"Thank you very much, Yciar!" I smiled as she walked away. I turned back to my book, reading it for the 5th time. My thoughts drifted away to my little event. Me and my crush are going to my best friend's brother's cafe, and I think it's going to be awesome! Only, I don't know if he will go or not...I'm sure he will! I smile quietly to myself. I pick up my bag and go to the cafe myself. I get discount when my best friend is with me, but since she's not, I won't get any discount. I ordered frappe and while I waited, I thought about all the fun things we're going to do here. Oh, and we're going to watch Pewdiepie, talk about college and..Koleen, my best friend, will stalk us! How nosy can she be?
I asked Yciar to ask Niccolo if he can go to the cafe with me. The whole Top 10 squad is going to Greenhills. Unfortunately, I'm only in the Top 20 of my batch, so I'm not going. 
There's this little problem bugging me since last week, too. Last week, a girl asked my crush if he likes her. Yciar told me this happened and she said that the response was a smile and a "no comment". This disturbed me. Of course, I felt jealous as crap. I think if anybody encountered this situation, they will also get jealous as hell. Still, the answer remained secret. "Ask him." Yciar said. No way, it's too awkward and obvious. Oh well.
-Next day-
It's a Saturday! I quickly rolled over to the right side of my bed to check my phone. Aha! She replied..
Oh..he said no..he's too busy..|
Dread started to fill me up. I was hurt. Of course, I wouldn't let this show. I decided to ask her again about the girl last week.
So uh..what was Niccolo's answer?|
I knew it was a yes. It had to be a yes. Niccolo's alwaysike that.
Sorry, I can't tell you! I can't break promise..I told you this because Niccolo thought you ought to know what happened..but not the answer. He said he's afraid that if you knew the answer, you won't like him anymore..|
Oh. A yes. Of course.
Please, Yciar, I just want to know! To confirm if it's a yes or a no..|
It's definitely a yes. 
ohh. This is what he said:
" I like you, I mean we've known each other for years. Who wouldn't like you? But not as a significant other. Maybe not yet, YET, I can still like you anyway. I wanna be a good boy now. That's why"|
I definitely felt hurt. I was so stupid. This is why Niccolo doesn't want to come with me. I was so sad, I didn't even reply for a few minutes. I cancelled plans with friends for him! How..can he be so cruel? Oh...this is what sadness as rejection felt like. Just a few days ago, I was teasing my fried about a this what it felt like?
Kate? Hello? HELLO?!|
im here..of course I won't like him anymore..can I punch him on the face on Monday?|
And to think we're going to the same school.
Yes please|
And to think we have been so close together..4 years for nothing..
Aha! Uh..I'll just go cry and eat ice cream..bye Yciar!|
Maybe he's not the one for me?
Author's note: I'm the person. I'm Kate. Hello lovelies. Want a sneak peek in my life? My stupid love life? This is the correct story for you to land on! 
One Last Time (Original Story)
My life yo. Please tell me if there's any mistakes: grammar, spelling, etc. Thankies for having time to read my stupid love life.
Today is our last day of classes.

Date: 03/20/15

I have never been so happy in school in my entire life.

This year is the best.Since I don't have a 3DS,my classmate does,he's a boy,and he layks me,so I basically manipulated him into letting me borrow it.I played Pokemon X for like,a hour straight.I ran into an Eevee,and I was like,"OHMAYGAWD,SO PAKING KYUT!!!!"

My classmates also played Five Nights At Freddie's 3.And they were screaming like girls.And they were behind us,so while I was battling Pokemons with a Grandma Amparo that I insist to keep Mega Evolving,they were screaming as Freddie and Mangked Foxy or whatever shist that jump-scared them jump-scared them.But my adviser didn't shush them,BECAUSE IT'S THE LAST DAY YOLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Also,I noticed that this was the school year where Niolo,not his real name,changed.He was like,"Okay,I don't always like you but when I do,I don't."

Anyway,I ate like 2 pizza slices and 3 bbqs and 2 Lumpiang Shanghai and rice,then all was settled.Nino,the guy who layks me and not his real name,DIDN'T have a Cut in his Pokemon team.Sucks,by the way.I even have a HM Slave in my Pokemon.So sad.


I told my classmates to enroll late so we could be classmates.No doubt Niolo will still be my classmate,because ever since I transferred to the school he's my classmate.Pak him.



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Kate Angela Billena
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I love watching Buzzfeed and PewDiePie and listening to Bart Baker parodies.I am a bookworm but does a lot of shitty stories/fanfictions.I deleted my Wattpad accounts because I don't have time for writing there although I'm quite popular there ^_^'.I love anime,and I watch Pewdss play Corpse Party while I scare my shit out.
I may write stories but never publish it because I'm becoming aware of my snooping sister.
Well,give me cookies and I'll tell you more.

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